Aims of our Curriculum:

  • To deliver a flexible, inspiring, fun approach to learning,
  • To help children to become self-motivated learners who are able to apply their skills to a range of learning experiences including solving problems, investigating and exploring the world around them.
  • To provide an exciting range of learning experiences which make learning irresistible and help children to develop a thirst for knowledge.
  • To make connections across the subject areas, enhancing children’s understanding of the world in which they live, preparing pupils to be lifelong learners.
  • To develop an understanding of how to use ICT to discover more and present findings.

Princecroft follows the National Curriculum for England as set out by the Department for Education. You can download details of the framework we follow below:

A new National Curriculum came into force in September 2014 for pupils in years 1,3, 4 and 5 and will apply to all year groups from September 2015. Our schemes of work within our International Primary Curriculum have been updated to reflect the content and challenge of the new curriculum. Teachers have begun to receive training in the key areas of curriculum change and we are ready to provide outstanding curriculum provision.

The school, whilst delivering the statutory content of the National Curriculum, plans a thematic approach to learning and many of the topics change regularly to excite and stimulate the children. We are committed to preparing our pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life in modern Britain. In line with these changes to the curriculum will be changes to the methods of assessment used in school. We will continue to monitor progress and attainment using evidence including test scores, pupils’ work and pupils’ own perceptions of their learning. In line with the expectations of Ofsted and the Department of Education, the school is working towards full implementation of a preferred approach to assessment.