At Princecroft we teach the skill of reading and writing through our daily phonics program, Sounds~Write. Sound~Write has been hugely successful at Princecroft since it was introduced in 2016, all members of staff have taken part in a 4 day training course and regular training continues to ensure that we teach phonics to the highest standard. We have also been awarded Sounds~Write teaching school status allowing us to offer training and support to other schools.

What lessons look like

If you talk to any of our children they will be sure to tell you how much they enjoy their Sounds~Write lessons. It’s structure and simplicity makes it a programme accessible to all learners and helps them to make good progress with their reading and spelling.

We explicitly teach the children the 3 skills of:

  • blending (putting sounds together to read a word)
  • segmenting (breaking a word into sounds to spell)
  • phoneme manipulation (sound swapping).

Children in Reception to Year 4 take part in 30 minute lessons daily, where they play games to learn various spellings, read and build words. Our older children in Year 5 and 6 have a 15 minute Sounds~Write lesson supporting them in reading and spelling polysyllabic words such as inconspicuous and personification. The level of challenge in each year group is carefully considered and reflects the teaching of our English lessons across the school.

More information

If you would like to find out more about Sound~Write and how you can support your child at home there is a fantastic online course for parents run by the Sounds~Write founder, John Walker. This can be found at Chances to see Sounds~Write lessons being taught in Reception and Key Stage 1 are also available if you speak with your child’s class teacher.

If you are a school or professional looking to visit us please contact the school office to arrange a visit.