We love maths at Princecroft!

Every classroom has a dedicated maths area where a wide range of maths resources are available and accessible for all children to use in order to help them understand new concepts and skills. Interactive whiteboards and iPads are also used throughout the maths curriculum to help make maths exciting and accessible to all. We make regular use of game playing, both in class and at home for homework, especially to help with the learning and recall of important number facts.

We have a whole school calculation policy which ensures that all staff and children are consistent in their use of effective and efficient teaching and learning methods. This helps ensure a smooth transition from class to class. The Calculation policy is available for parents so they can see how maths is taught at Princecroft. We make effective use of maths intervention strategies to target learners who might need additional support at times and also provide extension opportunities, sometimes alongside children from other schools, in order to challenge children to reach their highest potential.

We are an Every Child Counts (ECC) Training school working alongside Edgehill University to lead maths professional development in Wiltshire and more widely in the South West. We lead maths training for teachers and TAs including interventions such as Success@Arithmetic and Numbers Count. We also have a number of accredited ECC teachers on the Princecroft staff.