English Page

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
Dr Seuss

At Princecroft we want all of our children to love reading. A walk around the school will quickly show how each class has dedicated an area to inspiring and nurturing a love of reading. Books are easily accessible, they are valued and prized. Children’s progress and achievements are rewarded and celebrated. All are encouraged to challenge themselves and are helped to make choices about what they read.

To give the children the skills they need to become fluent and confident readers, the school focuses on the teaching of phonics. Alongside this, through careful questioning and discussion, the children’s comprehension skills develop. As the children become more independent with their reading, their book choices and progress are carefully monitored on a daily basis.

At Princecroft we view all children as authors. We aim to develop children who want to write. We do this through a focus on reading to inspire and excite the children’s imagination; using resources, including computers and iPads, to create exciting learning opportunities. Focused role play and drama is used throughout to develop the children’s spoken language skills and confidence. The more formal aspects of language such as spelling, punctuation and grammar are viewed as the building blocks to effective and accurate writing. With all these skills, children can share their wonderful ideas with others, and be proud of their achievements.