BEECH CLASS – Roots, shoots and leaves! (term 6)

Plants are essential to all life on Earth. The plants that first appeared on land over 400 million years ago were no more than ankle high; gradually, over time plants grew taller, evolving into giant mosses, tree ferns and horsetails. How and why did this happen?


This term, Beech class will be investigating these questions through cultivating our very own enchanting garden! Our class book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will allow us to delve into the world of make-believe and bewitching magic where will we then use our imagination to develop our themed school garden. Amongst our exciting topic learning, we will be preparing ourselves for SATs week; Beech class have worked incredibly hard and are more than ready for the challenge! Our writing will focus on narrative and persuasion, looking at how robots could potentially live alongside humans – could this be dangerous or forward-thinking?


In maths, we will be using our topic to answer questions such as ‘how do people measure how tall trees are?’ and ‘what would be the most beneficial area and design of a playground?’ We continue to develop a confident pupil voice across the school by raising money to purchase a set of garden games for the whole school to use during playtimes and continuing practices for our end of year production. A fantastically busy term ahead of us!


Mrs Foyle,  Miss Winstanley